Financial Demography - Events

Next Event: 6. WDA Executive Workshop, Basel

6. März 2023

Financial Demography - Global Capital Flows to Promote Development and Prosperity

Based on the input from the 5th Executive Workshop in Gerzensee, the Financial Demography team has been researching the relationship between Demography and International Capital Flows. On March 6, the team and selected international experts will summarize their findings and discuss how to further progress with this research project.


Past Event: 5. WDA Executive Workshop, Gerzensee

27. Juni 2022

Financial Demography - Taking Stock and Determining the Need for Clarification

In the Study Center Gerzensee - located in the beautiful "Berner Oberland" - we will spend an afternoon introducing the project "Financial Demography" and the team behind it.

  • Why is this topic important? - Views from the multidisciplinary project team as well as global experts
  • Through which channels does demography affect financial markets? - An introduction into the topic
  • What is known in academia? - A brief overview over the current state of the literature
  • What risks and opportunities will emerge on financial markets? - An open discussion with the participants