Review «Our Next World 2016»

Review 10th WDA Forum 2016

There is a fundamental gap between the immense amount of knowledge the world now has about its demographic future, at least over the period to 2050, and the readiness of governments, companies and individuals to act on that knowledge.
That is the conclusion of three days of discussion among of 42 experts on population, economics, migration, geopolitics, financial planning, business strategy, gathered from all over the world by the St. Gallen-based World Demographic & Ageing Forum (WDA Forum) from August 29-31.
Above all, the Forum concluded, we as individuals need to change the way in which we think about old age. When we are 75 or 80 years, will we be rebels? Or conservatives? Or try to control our ageing? Or will we try to be ageless, eternal?
The time to start thinking about these questions is now!

Many factors will significantly influence the ongoing and irreversible demographic changes and migration shifts to the global population of the 21st century.

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