Population, age and generation issues are among the key challenges of this century. The need to address generations living together and the longevity of us humans and to make the necessary adjustments in time is recognized worldwide.

For Switzerland in particular the question arises:

"How can our above-average prosperity in peace, freedom and deeply rooted personal responsibility be preserved and increased in the future"?

What do we want?

The WDA Forum sees no threatening development in the foreseeable and unstoppable demographic aging, but rather unprecedented new development opportunities for every individual, society and the economy. However, we recognize that these opportunities are only possible with a comprehensive approach and in an open exchange about disciplines, borders and languages.

Our vision is to preserve and increase prosperity and prosperity even in the 21st century. The prerequisite is, however, to understand the manifold cultural, economic, regulatory, health and educational consequences of demographic change. For this reason, the WDA Forum 2002 has created an international, intergenerational and permanent platform for population, age and generation issues. This makes it possible to conduct a worldwide and wide-ranging exchange.

What are we doing?

The WDA Forum, with its specifically selected topics, appeals to a worldwide audience of business, politics, non-governmental organizations and science as well as the general public. A comprehensive exchange of knowledge and experience on the global megatrend "demographic change or demographic aging" is thus possible. The WDA Forum is also committed to research and teaching. At the University of St. Gallen, the WDA Forum is represented with a masters seminar and supervision of the master's thesis, in which students deal with the topic of "demographic and social change". In addition, consulting services - i.a. through the mediation of internationally recognized experts on demographic change issues.

Since its inception, the WDA Forum has successfully contributed to the national and international exchange of ideas on an important megatrend in the 21st century, namely through regular events organized in St. Gallen with up to 500 participants.

Donations, inheritances and legacies

In order to meet these demands and goals in the future, we depend on the support of individuals, companies and the public sector. These donations will help us to safeguard the goals of the WDA Foundation and help to preserve the prosperity of our society and to maintain peace, freedom and to take responsibility for our future as well. We would like to thank you for the support! WDA World Demographic & Ageing Forum Schweiz Kornhausstrasse 189001 St. Gallen


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